Transneft Far East, LLC increases safety level of ESPO-2 pipeline system

Transneft Far East, LLC conducts works on increasing of safety of exploitation of the second stage of Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean Pipeline System (ESPO-2). Thus, installation of the device for specifying of planned-high-altitude position of oil pipeline (UOV), drilling and infrastructure development of thermometrical boreholes are performed.

JSC "Transneft" Awarded Nominal Grants to Lecturers of Far East Federal University (DVFU)

Nominal grants of JSC “Transneft” for a special contribution to training of specialists for oil transportation branch were awarded to four lecturers of Far East Federal University (DVFU). The money shall be spent on optimization of educational and research works, mainly in the field of transportation of oil and oil products on the main pipelines.

Transneft’s Fixed Booms to Conserve Environment of the Nakhodka Bay in the Sea of Japan

Transneft Far East LLC installed fixed booms in the estuary of the Partizanskaya River that runs into the Nakhodka Bay. They are intended to protect the sea bay and Lake Lebyazhie connected with the river from floating rubbish, oil and lubricant stains and to mitigate the risks of oil leakage into the sea in case of accidents in ESPO-2 trunk oil pipeline laid down on the river bottom several kilometers upstream.

First process oil is delivered to metering station of Khabarovsk refinery

For filling of industrial pipelines and integrated testing of OQQMS of PMS (metering station) of NOC Khabarovsk refinery, JSC, facilities of NOC Khabarovsk refinery, JSC were connected to trunk pipeline ESPO- II on PS No. 34 by efforts of Transneft Far East, LLC - subsidiary company of Transneft, JSC on July 08, 2015 and on July 10, 2015 first batch of process oil in the amount of 2,262 tons was delivered. Total in July according to routing instruction of Transneft, JSC delivery of 2,840 tons of process oil is planned.

Transneft Far East, LLC chooses the best professionals

Professional skill competition among the specialists of Transneft Far East, LLC working at second construction stage of Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO PS-2) oil trunk pipeline started on June 9, 2015 in Dalnerechensk, Primorsky Krai.