Transneft Far East Holds Drills at Tom River in Amur Region

Date of publication: 02 October 2020

Transneft Far East has held drills to eliminate a simulated emergency oil spill in the area of the Tom River underwater crossing of Phase II of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil trunk pipeline in Amur Region.

The goal was to practice interaction between company’s business units, to check the serviceability of vehicles and equipment.

According to the drill condition, a "pressure drop" was recorded at the oil trunk pipeline intersection with the river. The patrol crew confirmed the "loss of containment", and the operating dispatcher “stopped” the oil transportation. Employees of the oil pumping stations No. 26 and 27 and the Belogorsk central maintenance division promptly arrived at the scene.

The units polished an algorithm of practical actions for containing the simulated oil spill with the “release” onto the Tom River surface. On the river, with the help of boom-laying boats, two lines of specialised booms were deployed; tanks for temporary oil storage were installed on the banks. The collected "oil" was “merged” into them for further "disposal".

The drill was attended by 57 people, including representatives of Svyaztransneft. 30 pieces of equipment and special-purpose vehicles were involved, including 7 floating vessels. All works were performed within the regulatory time limit.

The drill was observed by lecturers and specialists of the Amur Multifunctional Centre for Professional Skills (AMCPS,

Belogorsk), as well as participants of thematic courses. Students and lecturers of the AMCPS expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to attend the drill. “This is our first such experience. This format is very useful for students, as they were able to observe the progress of solving problems that they study in theory,” noted Natalia Pakhomova, the lecturer of the AMCPS.

Transneft Far East has been cooperating with the Amur Multifunctional Centre for Professional Skills since 2014. The centre has developed 50 specialised courses for workers and specialists in the field of oil transportation. The company financed the renovation and re-equipment of classrooms and workshops, the renovation of a dormitory, the purchase of simulators and equipment, the construction and equipment of a new training test ground.

Transneft Far East Press Service