Transneft Far East Strengthens Measures for Stable Oil Pipeline Operation under Severe Flooding Conditions in Far Eastern Federal District

Date of publication: 31 August 2020

Transneft Far East has strengthened measures for stable operation of oil pipelines in its area of responsibility due to difficult flooding conditions in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Due to heavy rainfall, incessant rains and a constant rivers level rise, the unfavorable hydrological conditions was aggravated in territories there the second stage corridors of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean trunk pipeline (ESPO-2) and the pipeline offshoot from ESPO to Komsomolsky Refinery run: in Amur Region, Jewish Autonomous Region, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories. The most difficult conditions are observed in Khabarovsk Territory, where, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Amur River level increase is expected to reach dangerous value.

At the underwater crossings of the ESPO-2 corridors and the pipeline offshoot to the Komsomolsk Refinery, observation posts were organised for round-the-clock rivers’ levels monitoring. Company’s operating facilities, where emergency vehicles are located and personnel of specialised business units for emergency prevention and response is based, will be put on full alert.

Based on the results of flooding conditions monitoring for the period from 2013 to 2019, measures were taken at the oil trunk pipeline underwater crossing (OTPUWC) to exclude possible flooding: the height of the stop valves protective dike was increased, enclosures of the control and monitoring stations were lifted on the Zeya and Arkhara (Amur Region), Sutara, Bolshaya Kamenushka (Jewish Autonomous Region), and Chernaya

Primorye Territory) Rivers, as well as at the OTPUWC of the pipeline offshoot from ESPO at the Komsomolsk Refinery across the Selgon, Alkan and Khevchen Rivers (Khabarovsk Territory).

The complicated hydrological conditions did not affect the operation of the ESPO-2 and the pipeline offshoot at the Komsomolsk Refinery. Oil transportation is performed under the standard protocol.

Transneft Far East Press Service