Preparing ESPO-2 Operational Facilities for Autumn and Winter

Date of publication: 13 August 2020

Transneft Far East is conducting the preparation of operational facilities of the second stage of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline (ESPO-2) and the pipeline offshoot to Komsomolsk Refinery for stable operation in the autumn-winter period.

The corresponding work is being carried out at more than 2,300 kilometers of pipelines and 15 oil pumping stations (PS). 604 heating systems and 23 boiler houses will be prepared for operation during the cold season.

Transneft Far East’s specialists will perform maintenance on 328 stop valves on ESPO-2 and the pipeline offshoot. The condition of pipelines, communication and power lines, power supply facilities and protective structures is being examined. Inspection of process equipment located at road and railroad crossings is also carried out. 

Testing and maintenance of automated protection and alarm systems, control valves, and safety devices are scheduled at the PSs. Operability of an intelligent oil leakage detection system will be additionally tested. Heat insulation was added to industrial and administrative and amenity buildings, emergency diesel power plants were prepared.

Based on the results, the passport of readiness will be obtained for the operation of the operating facilities in the autumn-winter period of 2020–2021.

Transneft Far East Press Service