Construction of Tank Farm of Oil Pumping Station No. 27 Completed to Increase ESPO-2 Capacity

Date of publication: 03 October 2019

The construction of the tank farm of oil pumping station (OPS) No. 27 of Phase II of the Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean trunk pipeline (ESPO-2) has come to an end in Amur Region.

The works were performed as part of the project to increase the delivery capacity of the ESPO-2, which envisages the construction of new oil pumping stations and the revamping of existing ones. After finishing the project by 2020, the pipeline’s capacity will be increased up to 50 million tonnes of oil per year.

The revamping of oil pumping station No. 27 included constructing oil storage tanks. Tank farms for storing oil are the main difference between head and booster OPSs (the sole function of a booster pumping station is to maintain the pressure necessary for transporting the required volumes of oil). Thus, oil pumping station No. 27 became a head station of the ESPO-2 at the process section from the Yekaterinoslavka village (Amur Region) to Khabarovsk.

The revamping project of oil pumping station No. 27 also provides for the construction of a booster pump, a firehouse, two fire water tanks, production waste and storm water treatment plants, as well as the expansion of the fire fighting pump station.

The revamping in the protected zone of the existing station began in December 2017 and is to be completed in Q4 of 2019. The station’s area will be increased more than twice – from 9.4 to 25 ha.

In order to increase the capacity of Phase II of the East Siberia – Pacific Ocean trunk pipeline, oil pumping station No. 29 in Arkharinsky District of Amur Region and oil pumping station No. 26 in Seryshevsky District of Amur Region, were built. The construction of OPS No. 23 in Magdagachinsky District of Amur Region and OPS No. 32 in Smidovichsky District of Jewish Autonomous Region is almost completed. The revamping of existing oil pumping stations No. 34 (Khabarovsk Territory) and No. 41 (Primorye Territory) was also completed.

For reference:

OPS No. 27 is a business unit of Transneft Far East for pumping oil via the ESPO-2 from the deposits of Western and Eastern Siberia to Russian Far East companies and (through the Kozmino oil port) to the Asia and Pacific markets.

The operating facility is located in the Yekaterinoslavka settlement (the district centre of Oktyabrsky District of Amur Region). The station was commissioned in 2012, its initial design providing for the future expansion.

The project on increasing the ESPO-2 efficiency is part of Transneft’s large-scale investment programme for increasing the capacity of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline within the Tayshet to Skovorodino section. The goal of the programme is to increase the throughput capacity of the ESPO-1 pipeline system to 80 million tonnes, and that of the ESPO-2 pipeline system to 50 million tonnes, to ensure oil export to the People’s Republic of China and oil delivery to Kozmino Port, as well as to refineries of the Russian Federation (RN-Komsomolsk Refinery, IOGC-Khabarovsk Refinery).


Transneft Far East Press Service