Oil Pumping Station Reconstructed in Khabarovsk Territory to Increase ESPO-2 Capacity

Date of publication: 01 October 2019

The revamping of oil pump station (OPS) No. 34 of Phase II of the Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean trunk pipeline (ESPO-2) has come to an end in Khabarovsk Territory.

The works were performed as part of the project to increase the delivery capacity of the ESPO-2, which envisages the construction of new and the revamping of existing oil pumping stations.

After finishing the works provided for in the project, the pipeline’s capacity will be increased up to 50 MTPA by 2020. Currently, the capacity stands at 45 MTPA.

OPS No. 34 is included in the project as a station to be reconstructed. At the oil pumping station, an additional fire water tank with a capacity of 5 thousand m3 (VST-5000) was built. Existing VST-5000 No. 3, 4 for oil storage were equipped with additional discharge pipelines with a load compensation system, check valves, breath and emergency valves. In addition, a unit for introducing drag reducing agents was constructed at OPS No. 34.

In order to expand the capacity of Phase II of the East Siberia – Pacific Ocean trunk pipeline, oil pumping station No. 29 in Arkharinsky District of Amur Region, and oil pumping station No. 26 in Seryshevsky District have been built. The construction of OPS No. 23 in Magdagachinsky District of Amur Region and OPS No. 32 in Smidovichsky District of Jewish Autonomous Region is almost completed. In addition, the reconstruction of OPS No. 27 is being completed in Oktyabrsky District of Amur Region, and the existing OPS No. 41 has been reconstructed in Anuchinsky District of Primorsky Territory.

For reference:

The capacity of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil trunk pipeline is being increased in accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation in two directions: expansion of Phase I of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system to 80 MTPA, as well as the ESPO PS-2 to 50 MTPA.

The implementation of the project will ensure uninterrupted oil transportation for export through the Kozmino oil terminal in Primorye Territory, as well as to refineries in the Russian Federation (RN-Komsomolsk Refinery, IOGC-Khabarovsk Refinery).

Transneft Far East Press Service