Belogorsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate’s Employees Awarded for Help in Eliminating Consequences of Flood in Mazanovsky District of Amur Region

Date of publication: 11 September 2019

Employees of the Belogorsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) of Transneft Far East have been awarded with commendations and diplomas for helping in eliminating consequences of a disastrous flood in Mazanovsky District of Amur Region.

The Ministry of Transport and Roads of Amur Region asked Transneft Far East to arrange transportation of soil from the Iversky quarry to repair the Beloyarovo–Druzhnoye public road of regional significance, which eroded as a result of an emergency. The bus that transports children from the villages of Yubileinoye, Razdolnoye, Druzhnoye and Romankautsy to the school in the village of Beloyarovo rides along this road.

The Belogorsk RPD, a branch of Transneft Far East, operating in Amur Region, has organised transportation of 3 thousand cubic metres of soil to restore the roadway at the request of the regional Ministry of Transport and Roads. The Directorate has allocated 10 trucks for rocky soils transportation from the Iversky quarry. 

Tipper trucks began transportation on 22 August this year. The destroyed section was restored by the beginning of the new school year, but soil supply continued in order to strengthen the dam. The repairs were completed on 05 September 2019.

All the ten drivers of the Belogorsk RPD, who delivered the rocky soils, were awarded a Commendation from the Minister of Transport and Roads of Amur Region.

The state of emergency was introduced in Amur Region on 25 July 2019 due to flooding caused by heavy rains. After the flood’s peak passed Amur Region, some roads’ sections remained flooded, including the Beloyarovo – Druzhnoye public motor road of regional importance.

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There are eight Transneft Far East’s facilities in Amur Region: the Skovorodino line maintenance area, three operating oil pumping stations and two OPSs under construction, a production support base, a utility vehicle and special-purpose machinery department, a central maintenance division and the Belogorsk RPD. 816 km of the ESPO-2 oil pipeline run across the region.

Transneft Far East Press Service