Transneft Far East Recognised Best Among Transneft Subsidiaries in Industrial Safety and Operational Control

Date of publication: 03 April 2019 Print

Transneft Far East, which transports oil via phase II of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil trunk pipeline (ESPO-2), has been recognised as the best among Transneft subsidiaries in the field of industrial safety and operational control judging by the outcomes of 2018, according to a contest’s results.

Among the contest’s criteria were the level of operational control arrangement, the efficiency of control commissions’ work, the readiness of emergency rescue teams to eliminate incidents and failures. Following the results of last year, Transneft Far East took first place in the contest. The Company received this award for the second time: in 2017, it was recognised as the best among the Transneft subsidiaries in the field of industrial safety and operational control based on the results of 2016.

 Like other Transneft subsidiaries, the Company has an industrial safety management system in place. Last year, within this management system, the Company's specialists conducted 7 scheduled targeted inspections at the facilities of Transneft Far East. The Company’s operational control commission carried out 4 inspections of the branches: Belogorsk and Dalnerechensk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (RPDs). 532 targeted and unscheduled inspections were carried out by the Company’s industrial safety and operational control division employees, the plan for these activities was 124 percent complete.

Transneft Far East also held 829 emergency response drills (ERD) in 2018, in accordance with a master plan: 359 ERDs at Belogorsk RPD’s facilities and 470 ERDs at Dalnerechensk RPD’s facilities.

In 2018, inspectors of the Far Eastern Directorate of Rostekhnadzor (the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision), within the framework of continuous state supervision, checked all ESPO-2 oil pumping stations and sections through which Transneft Far East transports oil. According to the results of the inspections, no flaws affecting safety were revealed.

Transneft Far East Press Service