Metal Structures for Fire Water Tank Installed at Oil Pumping Station in Khabarovsk Territory

Date of publication: 11 February 2019 Print

In Khabarovsk Territory the metal structures of the additional fire water tank with a capacity of 5 thou m3 (VST-5000) have been installed at oil pumping station (PS) No. 34 of the II stage of the Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean trunk pipeline (ESPO-2).

The construction is underway as part of the implementation of the project to increase the delivery capacity of the ESPO-2, which envisages the construction of new and the revamping of existing oil pumping stations. The project is to be finished by 2020, which will be followed by the pipeline’s capacity being increased up to 50 million tons of oil per year.

The construction began in May 2018 as part of revamping PS 34 and is scheduled to be completed this fall. Apart from the construction of VST-5000, which will raise the level of fire safety at the station as the capacity of the ESPO-2 increases, the Company will further fit out the existing emergency water discharge tanks with additional discharge pipelines complete with a load compensation system, check valves, safety and emergency valves.

At present, PS No. 34 is building foundations for the additional pipeline of the 2nd of two emergency discharge tanks with a capacity of 5 thou m3.

At the same time in Primorye Territory two fire water tanks with a capacity of 3 thou m3 each are being built on the revamped PS No. 41. Works are being done on the arrangement of a hydrophobic layer on one of the tanks; metal structures are being installed on the other.

For reference:

As part of the investment project, PS-29 was built to increase the capacity of the ESPO-2 in Arkhara District of Amur Region. The existing PSs No.34, 41 and 27 are being revamped (Oktyabrsky District of Amur Region), PS No.23 (Madagachinsky), PS No.26 (Seryshevsky District of Amur Region) as well as PS No.32 (Smidovichsky District of Jewish Autonomous Region) are being constructed.

The new PSs are booster stations without a tank farm for oil storage. They will ensure the necessary pressure inside the oil pipeline to pump additional volumes of oil.  The installation of the new stations began in December 2017, the construction is to be completed in the fall of 2019. The construction is carried out by PMC ESPO (a subsidiary of Transneft), the stations will be operated by Transneft Far East, which ensures oil pumping via the ESPO-2.

Transneft Far East Press Service