Transneft Far East employees assist in combating forest fires at the FEFD

Date of publication: 26 April 2018 Print

Transneft Far East employees have been actively involved in combating grassland and forest fires in constituent entities of the Far East District where the Company has its production facilities.

In the Jewish Autonomous Region, Transneft Far East sent two all-terrain vehicles to extinguish forest fires, namely to deliver the firefighting crews to the places where  fires had started. They assisted in elimination of fires near the town of Birakan, whereas now the vehicles are working near the settlement of Londoko.

In Arkharinsky District of Amur Region the Company’s snow and swamp-going vehicle was used to deliver the firefighting crews and equipment to locations of serious fires in the Khingan Nature Reserve on 19-24 April.

In Shimanovsky District of Amur Region, a volunteer fire brigade crew from PS No. 24 had earlier extinguished a burning two-apartment residential house in the settlement of Mukhino. Head of the Mukhino settlement council applied for help to the Company employees, since the local firemen could not cope with a big fire on their own. The fire was given the 2nd category. The PS employees moved out to the fire at 1.30 a.m., putting out the house afire using three hoses, replenished the fire engine water tanks six times, monitored scattering of the brands by wind. The fire was eliminated at 7.20 a.m. They managed to prevent the fire from spreading out to other residential houses.

Besides, in Khabarovsk Region members of the volunteer fire brigade from PS No. 34 and a fire crew of Fire Rescue Post No. 4 based at the station saved from fire a herd of pedigree cows in the settlement of Svechino of Khabarovsk Region.

Head of the Galkinskoye rural settlement approached to head of the PS with a request to help put out a grassland fire (a forest fire that emerged after the dry grass started burning). Strong wind moved the fire to corrals and cow sheds of the agricultural enterprise. The station’s employees removed several calves from the burning corral and then drove the herd into a safe location. The PS combat crew performed combat deployment and put out the fire at the corrals and buildings, to subsequently contain and eliminate it.

Transneft Far East Press Service