Transneft Far East Conducts Drills on Zeya River in Amur Region

Date of publication: 05 February 2018 Print

Transneft Far East has conducted emergency response drills (ERD) in Amur Region to clean up a conventional emergency oil spill at the underwater crossing over the river Zeya of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil trunk pipeline (ESPO-2) phase II.

As per the drill scenario, the Company’s specialists stated a drop of pressure in the oil pipeline at the underwater crossing over the river Zeya. The supposed reason was loss of containment. The Company’s patrol crew confirmed the version. The managing dispatcher conventionally halted the pumping of oil via the pipeline. Employees of several crews of Belogorsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD) immediately arrived at the emergency site to localize and clean up the conventional spill.

The business units polished the emergency response algorithm to localize the conventional oil spill on the ice-covered river. They deployed a special winter line of booms on the ice of the Zeya river and set up temporary oil collection tanks on the river banks where they conventionally unloaded the oil collected from the water surface, which special vehicles would then “deliver to the disposal site.” All measures were taken within the set deadlines as part of the drills.

56 people participated in the ERD: employees of the Line Emergency Operation Division of oil pumping stations (OPS) No. 24 and 27, employees of the Central Maintenance Division of Belogorsk RPD, participants of an outsourced emergency response team, a facility-based firefighting crew, and employees of the environmental analysis laboratory. Among other participants were emergency response teams of Transneft Security Services and Svyaztransneft. Overall, 21 machinery and equipment units were engaged, including ice cutter units, oil skimmers, vacuum truck vehicles.

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Phase II of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil trunk pipeline crosses more than 500 water barriers; 41 of them are large rivers. Throughout the year specialists of Transneft Far East conduct drills there, honing legends and skills for the sake of keeping oil pipeline operation safe and at a high level.

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