Revamping of an oil pump station of ESPO-2 (Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean) has been started in Amur Region

Date of publication: 23 January 2018 Print

Revamping of oil pump station (PS) No. 27 of the second phase of Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean trunk pipeline (ESPO-2) has been started in Amur Region. The station, which is now a booster one, will become a pipe-end PS with a tank farm.

The works are conducted as part of the project of extension of ESPO-2, which, besides revamping of functioning PS No. 27, 34 and 41, provides for construction of PS No. 23, 26 and 32. After finishing the project, the pipeline’s capacity will be increased up to 50 million tons of oil a year.

PS No. 27 is located in settlement Ekaterinoslavka (district centre of Oktyabrsky District of Amur Region). The station was commissioned in 2012, it was constructed taking into account further extension. The revamping works are conducted in the protected zone of the functioning station.

A tank farm with total amount of 110 thousand cubic metres (two tanks with the amount of 50 thousand and two tanks with the amount of five thousand cubic metres), a booster pump house, a firehouse, two emergency water tanks, production waste and storm water treatment plants will be constructed at PS No. 27. Besides, the functioning facilities will be revamped; a fire extinguishing pump station will be extended.

Now earth works are conducted at the PS, a residential area for the contracting organization’s employees is under construction. The works at the station will be conducted on a 24-hour basis. Taking into account severe climatic conditions, the constructors will be able to work out of doors for a limited time, so rooms for warming are equipped here.

The station’s area will be increased more than twice - from 9.4 to 25 ha. The revamping of PS-27 is planned to be finished in autumn 2019. Construction is performed by PMC ESPO (a subsidiary of Transneft).

For reference:

PS No. 27 is a structural subdivision of Transneft Far East, securing pumping of oil through ESPO-2 from the deposits of Western and Eastern Siberia to the companies of the Russian Far East and, via Kozmino oil port, to the markets of Asia and Pacific.