Transneft Far East, LLC commissioned an oil pump station in Amur Region

Date of publication: 20 December 2017 Print

Transneft Far East commissioned oil pump station (OPS)-29  in Arkhara settlement in Amur Region.

OPS-29 is the first station built for extension of the second stage of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline system (ESPO-2). Commissioning of OPS-29 and application of anti-turbulence additives at OPS-24 and OPS-30 will make it possible to increase the traffic capacity of the oil pipeline in 2018 from 36 million tons to 38 million tons a year.

By 2020 the traffic capacity of ESPO-2 will increase up to the maximum (project) amount — 50 million tons a year. By that time three more new stations will be built: OPS-32 in Smidovich district of the Jewish Autonomous Region, OPS-26 and OPS-23 in Amur Region.

OPS-29 is a booster station, which ensures pressure in the oil pipeline that is required for oil transportation from OPS-27 (Yekaterinoslavka, Amur Region) to OPS-30 (Obluchie, EAO (Jewish Autonomous Region)).

The station is developed taking into account the advanced achievements in design, construction and operation of oil pipelines, it is characterized by fulfilment of the optimum combination of production and environmental safety requirements, a high level of reliability and the minimum impact on the environment. 

According to the project, a trunk pump house, a stop valve unit, mud-trap filters, a control room, an indoor switchgear, a diesel power plant and fire water tanks were built at OPS-29. Here there is also an amenity building with a canteen, a workshop, an area maintenance building, a covered parking for vehicles with a repair section and modern water treatment plants.

101 working places were created at OPS-29. Meanwhile, 78% of employees of the new facility belong to the local population.