Transneft Far East, LLC released the juveniles of Amur sturgeon into natural environment

Date of publication: 01 September 2017 Print

The specialists of Transneft Far East, LLC released the juvenile fishes of Amur sturgeon into the river Amur in Nanaysky District of Khabarovsk Region.

Over 15 thousands of juvenile fishes of sturgeon were grown at the expense of Transneft Far East, LLC in Aniuysk sturgeon fish farm in 2017. The grown up specimens were released into the river course of Amur River near the water gate of Naykhin creek.

The program, a part of which is the works on the recovery of fish resources, is being implemented since 2014 in the framework of Transneft Far East Environmental Policy. The main purpose is compensation of industrial operations impact on the environment of on the territories where the second state of Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean (ESPO-2) oil trunk pipeline passes.

The representatives of FSBI (Federal State Budgetary Institution) “Amurrybvod” and Pacific Scientific Research Center of Fishery and Oceanography (TINRO-Center) participated in release of juvenile fishes. The juvenile fishes of this release were highly evaluated by ichthyologists: the average weight of a specimen reaches 11.5 g, which exceeds the standard almost two times.

In the current year the specialists of Transneft Far East already released more than 330 thousand of keta juvenile fishes into the rivers of Amur Basin on the territory of Khabarovsk Region and Jewish Autonomous Region.  More than 46.5 thousand of European carps are planned to be released into the water bodies of Amur Region.

In 2018 the company is going to take the same actions in EAO (Jewish Autonomous Region) and Khabarovsk Region. More than 45 thousand specimens of Amur sturgeon and almost three million of keta juvenile fishes are planned to be released into natural environment.

Amur sturgeon, or Acipenser schrenck, is an epibiotic fish that lives in Amur Basin only. A specimen reaches maturity only by the age of 13-15 years old, that’s why the population is quite sensitive. Aniuysk fish farm with the assistance of scientists is conducting its recovery as a part of the relevant target programme since 2010.

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Transneft Far East is recognized as the “Leader of environmental management” among Transneft subsidiaries based on performance for 2016. In 2015 and 2016, the company got the title of “EcoLeader” for Khabarovsk Region.