Transneft Far East, LLC is carrying out rebuilding of the school sports unit in Solnechnyy village

Date of publication: 24 July 2017 Print

Transneft Far East has started rebuilding the sports unit of school No. 3 in Solnecnyy village of Khabarovsk Region.

According to the plan the gymnasium and the workout room building, two sports halls, two swimming pools for children and adults are to be overhauled; all the utility equipment within those facilities is to be replaced. The enterprise will invest more than 20 million rubles in completion of all the work within the scope of its charity activities.

Now the contract entity has started implementing the first stage of the rebuilding project. To identify the actual scope of work detailed engineering survey of the sports unit is carried out as its building and facilities are either in poor or in critical condition. The rebuilding is to be carried out during 2017–2018.

Rebuilding of the school sports unit in Solnechnyy village is carried out within the scope of the cooperation agreement signed by Transneft and the Government of Khabarovsk Region in 2013. According to the agreement Transneft Far East is to support projects in the sphere of social support, public health, culture and sports development implemented in the region. Thus, since 2014 the enterprise takes part in large-scale rebuilding of the Lenin stadium in Khabarovsk. So far, it has invested more than 186 million rubles in implementation of this project.