Transneft Far East, LLC has held an environmental event on Vtoraya Sedmaya river in Khabarovsk Krai

Date of publication: 18 July 2017 Print

Transneft Far East has held an environmental event on Vtoraya Sedmaya river in Khabarovsk Krai

Workers of oil pump station (PS) No. 36, together with their children going to schools of Vyazemsky town, cleaned up the territory of one of the citizen`s favorite resting places. During the action, approximately one kilometer of the coastal area was cleared from garbage.

Specialists of the enterprise (starting from 2015) has already cleaned up the coasts of Tom river in Amur Oblast, Amur river in Khabarovsk Krai, Khingan river in Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Malinovka and Odarka rivers in Primorsky Krai. As Luiza Ismailova, environmental engineer of Transneft Far East, has noted, the coast of Vtoraya Sedmaya river was the cleanest. During the action, only 15 bags of garbage were collected there, while, for example, KamAZ was required to remove garbage from the coast of Malinovka river.

Visit to PS No. 36 was arranged for young participants of the action. Specialists told them in details about the applied procedure for purifying the water resources, showed how the PS`s first level and utility and drinking water supply pump stations as well as biotreatment station work.

Besides, in the course of the arranged round table, school children presented their pictures regarding protection of environment. Subsequently, their works will form the basis of ecological exposition which will be opened in the Dalnerechensk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate.

The event was arranged within the scope of the nationwide project entitled “For Clean Banks of Our Rivers and Lakes”; its main aim is to encourage people to feel proud of the beautiful nature of their native place and at the same time feel responsibility for it. Transneft Far East transporting oil using phase two of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO-2) oil trunk pipeline has been participated in the same for already three consecutive years.

Transneft Far East pays much attention to environment protection issues. The company’s employees perform continuous monitoring of storks’ breeding sites in the Aistinyy Khabarovsk region nature reserve and of the young yews planted in the Varvarovskoe forest district in Primorsky Region. Besides, educational work with children and young people is carried out, various environmental events are arranged for them. Events to restore the population of cedars are also organized, at which the company’s employees plant trees along the alleys, in public gardens and parks.

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Transneft Far East has been twice recognized “EcoLeader” of Khabarovsk Krai among industrial enterprises. As of 2016 Transneft Far East has become the best enterprise among Transneft entities in the Environmental Leader and the Industrial Safety and Production Control categories.