The employee of Transneft Far East, LLC has been considered the best Transneft’s chemical analysis laboratory assistant

Date of publication: 18 July 2017 Print

Aleksandr Vasiunin, an oil chemical analysis laboratory assistant at the chemical analysis laboratory of oil pump station (PS) No. 34, Transneft Far East, won the final stage of the XVIIIth competition of professional skills the "Best in the profession” professional excellence contest held among Transneft’s employees.

The professional excellence contest was held at the facilities of the Gorky Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate, Transneft Upper Volga, in Kstovo District of Nizhny Novgorod Region within the period from 10 till 13 July 2017.

The annual “Best in the profession” contest is held to enhance the prestige of blue-collar jobs in the oil transportation industry. In 2017 the employees of Transneft subsidiaries, including 15 oil chemical analysis laboratory assistants, took part in the contest. The professional competition comprised two stages. The theoretical stage consisted in assessing basic knowledge of laboratory assistants in the sphere of oil testing methods, occupational safety in the course of work. During the practical stage the competitors carried out testing of state standard samples.

The contest committee consisting of the management staff representatives of Transneft and its subsidiaries pointed out that Aleksandr Vasiunin was notable for excellence in performance of practical tasks. The laboratory assistant of Transneft Far East paid special attention to accuracy of testing and the results obtained by him were the closest to standard certified values. In August 2017 Aleksandr Vasiunin will represent Transneft at the international professional excellence contest in Omsk.

The representative of Transneft Far East has won the golden prize of the professional competition of Transneft entities for the second time. In 2014 Elena Tolstykh, a chemical analysis laboratory assistant of PS No. 34, was also considered the winner of the final stage of the nationwide professional excellence contest and won the bronze medal at the international contest.