Transneft Far East is the Leader in Transneft Environmental Activities among Transneft Subsidiaries

Date of publication: 07 March 2017 Print

Transneft Far East that transports oil via Stage 2 of East Siberia – Pacific Ocean trunk pipeline (ESPO-2), was recognized the leader in environmental activities among Transneft subsidiaries in 2016, based on the corporate competition.

The Occupational, Industrial, Fire, and Environmental Safety Department of the Company has held the corporate competition to determine the environmental leader among Transneft subsidiaries since 2016, according to the appropriate industry regulation. The competition participants compare the actual environmental performance indicators.

Reduction in specific air emissions of pollutants, absence of penalties and instructions on the part of environment control authorities, accidents with environmental damage, personnel refreshment in Environmental Safety and Sustainable Nature Management. Transneft Far East ranked No. 1 in the competition, based on the last year performance.

In capacity of an environmentally sensitive enterprise, Transneft Far East pays much attention to environment conservation. The environmental component is taken into account already at the stage of designing all complicated production sites.

In 2016, the pollutant emissions by Transneft Far East came to 284 tons, while the permitted indicator is equal to 653 tons. The specific air emissions of pollutants dropped 2.5%, to 0.0078 kg/t, on 2015 (0.008 kg/t). The specific emissions were reduced due to increase in oil transportation via ESPO-2 as compared to 2015 and change in the tank fleet operating mode.

The re-certification audit for conformity of Transneft Far East operations to ISO 14001: 2004 was conducted in 2016 and established that the processes and operations are planned, managed, estimated and constantly improved in accordance with the enterprise standard. Global DQS and IQNet certificates of conformity to ISO 14001 have been obtained.

In 2015 and 2016, Transneft Far East was recognized as the Environmental Leader of Khabarovsk Region. The Company’s project of environmental safety efforts and the power savings program were found the best of similar developments of major enterprises in the region. Transneft Far East carries out the efforts to make up for environmental damage, in particular, release of juvenile fish to rivers of the Amur basin, monitoring of yews, nesting sites of storks, transplantation of Red Book plants.