Technological Solutions for Construction of the ESPO - Komsomolsk Refinery Pipeline to Minimize the Impact on the Ecosystem of the Amur

Transneft - Far East, LLC and PMC ESPO, LLC perform adjustments to the route of the pipeline offshoot of the ESPO - Komsomolsk Refinery PS after the public hearings in the Amur district of the Khabarovsk Territory in order to minimize the environmental risks that may arise at the intersection of the Bolon reserved lake tributaries and the natural resources traditional use territories of indigenous peoples.

Fire Prevention Regime Enhanced at ESPO-2 Oil Pipeline Facilities

Transneft – Far East, LLC enhanced the fire prevention regime on all of its oil pumping stations (PS) of the second stage of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean Pipeline System (ESPO-2 PS) and other engineering structures that belong to the category of hazardous industrial facilities. Currently, wildfires in the Amur Region, where a state of emergency has been declared, do not pose a threat to the facilities of ESPO-2 PS.

Wildlife Management Agency Uses Transneft Drones to Track Poachers

Based on the Cooperation and Interaction Agreement with the Jewish Autonomous Region’s environmental protection agencies, Transneft has provided drones to detect equipment and people illegally found within hunting grounds and in specially protected natural areas.

Holding the Fourteens Meeting of the Expert Board of Transneft, JSC

The fourteenth visiting meeting of the Expert Board of Transneft, JSC, was held in Khabarovsk in the premises of Transneft Far East, LLC. The member of the Board discussed the impact of the Company at the development of the Far Eastern Federal District.

Sergey Andronov and Mikhail Margelov, Vice Presidents of Transneft, JSC; Rasim Mingazetdinov, Head of the Strategic Development Department of Transneft, JSC; Valentin Kostyushin, First Deputy Minister of Finance of the Khabarovsk Territory; Dmitry Tatarov, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Transport of the Khabarovsk Territory; Yury Matveev, Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Duma of the Territory, and representatives of the expert and analytical community took part in the work of the Expert Board.

Vyazemsky Schoolchildren have a New Modern Stadium

Transneft Far East sponsored modernization of the stadium at secondary school No. 2 in the city of Vyazemsky of the Khabarovsk Territory. An amount of 45 million rubles was allocated for repair purposes under a charitable program.