Sustainable Development

The ESPO-2 pipeline system is made using cutting-edge achievements in the design, construction and operation of oil pipelines, offers high reliability and minimum impact on the environment.

The company is constantly developing and modernising. Since 2014, Transneft Far East has been implementing a priority investment project to expand the ESPO-2 pipeline system. OPS-29 was built in 2017 (Arkhara Settlement, Amur Region). Construction of OPS-23 (Tygda Settlement, Amur Region), OPS-26 (Seryshevo Settlement, Amur Region) and OPS-32 (Smidovich Settlement, Jewish Autonomous Region), reconstruction of OPS-34 (Galkino Settlement, Khabarovsk Territory) and OPS-41 (Anuchino Settlement, Primorsky Territory), as well as expansion of OPS-27 by constructing a tank farm (Yekaterinoslavka Settlement, Amur Region) will be finished in 2019.  The implementation of the project ensures development of the Company’s regions of operation, creation of new jobs and tax revenues coming to budgets of various levels.

By 2020, the capacity of ESPO-2 will reach 50 MTPA.

Transneft Far East, like each Transneft’s subsidiary, being fully aware of the scale and technological complexity of its activities, develops trunk pipeline transport and conducts the works in such a way as to prevent occupational injuries, accidents at hazardous operational facilities and environmental harm, and also secures rational use of the consumed fuel and energy resources.