About the Company

Limited Liability Company «Transneft Far East» is one of the youngest entities in the Transneft, JSC system. An investor in construction of the second phase of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline system and its operator, the company was founded in August 2009 and literally re-energized the territories of the Far East.

Construction of the ESPO-2 oil trunk pipeline started on January 13, 2010. A milestone event took place on that day: welding of the first joint on the 3,806 km of the ESPO line near the In railway station of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

At present, the ESPO-2 is a huge system of the oil pipeline with the total length of 2,047 km. Passing along Skovorodino – Khabarovsk – Vrangel, the ESPO-2 makes it possible to implement strategic plans of developing the fuel and energy sector of the Russian Federation – oil transportation to the countries of the Asian and Pacific region. However, not all the raw materials are exported. The oil pipeline to the Khabarovsk oil refinery continues to be built. The ESPO – Khabarovsk Refinery oil pipeline can pump up to 6 million tons of oil annually.

At present Limited Liability Company «Transneft Far East» controls 2,047 km of the ESPO-2, two district oil pipeline departments in Belogorsk and Dalnerechensk, eight oil pumping stations, line operational sites Skovorodino and Birobidzhan, three central repair services, two industrial maintenance facilities. The company employs about three thousand people.

Transneft Far East, LLC, guarantees social stability where it operates. The Company holds target trainings for local inhabitants employing afterwards 100% of those who successfully completed training courses. The Company ensures employment of many contractors, discharges its obligations in timely manner and in full scope to regional and local budgets.

Environmental care is one of priorities of operations of Transneft Far East, LLC. The Company has an approach marked by maximum responsibility to ensuring environmental safety in places where the oil pipeline is installed by using advanced equipment and technologies only. Limited Liability Company «Transneft Far East» is strictly compliant with environmental protection regulations, organizes obligatory licensing, environmental expert evaluation and certification.